Need another bike mount for your next excursion? Get your mitts on a CopperHead. The simple construction and fabrication make this one of our most affordable top-of-car bike mounts that doesn't touch the painted surface of your bike.

A feature rich, lower cost locking "fork" style bike mount.

Produced: 2009 to present

History: Descendent of our 2B SRL bike mount. Changed to Viper Skewer in '09. Updated to new Universal Locking Skewer in early 2010.

General Information:
Weight: 3.8lbs
Height: 3" X 48"
Capacity: 1 Bike up to 35 lb at minimum of 16" xbar spread.
Updated Feb. 2011: Adjustment knob on locking skewer is now ¼" longer for improved fork clearance. New adjustment knob will have two dots on the inner face. Adjustment knob is not compatible with older skewers.

If you do not see your specific Yakima rack replacement / spare parts listed here for purchase online, please contact us as we have many more parts on hand & we can special order too.
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